Why Great WordPress designers fail

There are so many themes out there– each of the providers has thousands of templates.

But how many will fit the personal branding requirements for verticalized public figures like your client?

Only a handful.

You could spend months, as we have been, perusing the millions of templates out there.

Many of them are beautiful and have visual features you might want to mimic.

But this could come at the expense of building a site that has actual business value– to drive impact against your client’s stated goals specifically.
And there is so much cool technology out there, which would confuse non-technical and even technical people, that we get distracted.

This is why 99% of website projects fail– the technicalĀ folks have no idea of the business goal, while the business people are trying to understand tech.

So my recommendation is that you start with your client’s #GCT.

Make sure you understand them, even if you think that this is something you don’t need to know.

Then consider the framework that we’ve been teaching the last couple of years, especially requirements that Josh and I have filmed in person.

And then look at what themes will work, especially with Dan’s help.
It seems like a lot more work, but you’ll find that you not only build a site that has value but looks great, too.

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