The end of the content.

There is no more “content marketing”– only teaching and entertainment.

Content is what marketers push upon unwilling consumers. “Courses” and “entertainment” are what consumers willingly pay for to consume.

*** Your favorite novelist doesn’t produce content.

*** Your favorite musician doesn’t produce content.

*** Your favorite movie studio doesn’t produce content.

Change your perspective as a business to get customers and clients to WANT to hear what you share.

And the core of inbound marketing is the authority from a trusted organization, the trusted people in your vertical, and the trust of your proven expertise.

So never explicitly be in sales, though you’re always selling. Never be a content marketer, though you’re still producing stuff that drives people down the funnel.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes…Would you rather talk to an account manager (salesperson, biz dev, or synonymous role) or an expert authority in something you care about?

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