Facebook crying about Apple’s iOS14 update rings hollow

They claim they’re only trying to protect small businesses from the money-hungry Apple.

Yet who would you trust with your data– Facebook or Apple?

And which company offers real people to talk to when you need help– Facebook or Apple?

Hundreds of my friends have gotten their Facebook ad accounts completely shut down in the last week.

So much pain, nobody to talk to– and even I stand helpless.

These are the small businesses that Facebook claims they’re standing up for.

Facebook claims that small businesses will lose 60% of sales. Perhaps for a selected group of e-commerce players and apps who rely upon interest targeting and remarketing.

But if you’re a local business serving local customers, you have nothing to fear. Creative has been your limitation anyway– and Google is a much higher ROI, which includes YouTube.

Facebook’s massive PR and legal team has spent billions per month (not a typo) trying to squash folks like us.

Yet, we’ve been their strongest advocates since May 2007– over 13 years.

Time to diversify, if you haven’t already, to YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, Google Search, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket– especially if the holder of that basket is greedy and won’t listen to your cries for help.

Facebook was unwilling to accept Apple’s IDFA since they wanted even more data.

So Apple is giving users a prompt to decide if the app can collect “personalized data”.

What exactly is this?

It’s a red herring that consultants love to talk about since it’s an easy scare for clients.

This won’t affect us much. We’ve probably had 30 conversations and webinars about just this topic in the last month.

In short, we need to pass through conversion tracking natively, not just via the pixel.

So email collection, PPC, and SEO are more important.

Content ultimately becomes the limiting factor, since the system is so smart at optimizing.

So losing certain targeting and custom conversion tracking won’t matter– the system optimizes and native retargeting is what counts (view through on Facebook).

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