“Yu Gotta Way With Words”

This is a guest post by Dr. Kaci Madden from San Diego, CA.

I believe the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions.

Ask “What can I do to get keep the lights on?” – you’ll just get by.

Ask “What can I do to make a profit?” – you’ll make a profit (probably not a large one if the question is just the word ‘profit’.)

Ask “What do I need to do to make $100K in profit this year?” – now that’s specific. Now the quality of life is improving.

Now the brain’s filter the RAS (Reticular Activating System) is on the lookout for options and opportunities to help find answers to that question. And if it’s doing a good job, it should lead you to Dennis – at least, it did for me.

I am the clinic director of The Specific Chiropractic Centers in San Diego, California. We specialize in a technique called upper cervical which allows us to work directly with the nervous system in order to help patients with chronic health conditions heal.

I LOVE what I do. I get to help people change their lives completely.
I see people go from ‘just living with it’ or managing their condition (migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, etc) to THRIVING every day in my office.

The work is the most rewarding gift; however, because there are only 1200 doctors in the world that specialize in this care, it is, for all intents and purposes, an incredibly powerful secret. Yes, the people that have gone through this care tell all of their friends and family, but in order
for me to answer that specific third question mentioned above, I needed more.

I wanted to reach more people, to serve more people. I wanted to focus the majority of my time on patient care, but in order to do more than just ‘make
a profit’, more time was required to create awareness for the clinic, ie marketing. Cue Dennis & Tristan.

Dennis & Tristan’s expertise provided the answer I needed to solve the third question above AND gave me the time back so I could focus on what I love most – serving my community. They presented an easy-to-understand formula for what success looks like in the marketing world. (Although it was simple to understand, it was also apparent Dennis is an encyclopedia on the matter, and they are experts who make the hard things simple.)

It goes like this: I provide short, one-minute video content to their company, which they then edit, beautify, reformat into blogs, posts, shorter videos, etc., and disperse it over all of the online platforms.

I’m beyond grateful for their capabilities and work – they’ve made my job so easy for the entire marketing piece, which, let’s be honest is usually an entire organization within a company, complete with its own Chief Executive.

Not only are they brilliant in their field, but they are also kind, authentic individuals who as easily accessible and answer any question promptly. Not to mention, it’s been a blast working with them and it’s definitely changed the quality of my life for the better.

If you’re ready for a better quality of life, I believe it’s important to begin asking better questions.

Here’s a good one to start, “How would working with Dennis and Tristan benefit me?” If you’re ready for the answers, feel free to connect with me on Facebook!

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