Conquering Cancer

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This post is by Aniko Brown, director of Kaqun Las Vegas

April 2009

Las Vegas, Nevada

My husband and I were just getting home from meeting family who were in town for the weekend. As I was laying down starting to fall asleep, all of sudden I didn’t feel well. I was thinking I would just sleep it off and I would be fine in the morning. But I couldn’t sleep as the pain intensified. I was cramping and at times it felt unbearable. Next day my husband and I went to the emergency room to find out what was causing this pain. I was whisked away for a CT scan immediately.

I remember praying to God: let it not be nothing serious.I was taken back to my room, and it took an hour until I got my CT scan results. I recall to this day how cold the hospital room was.

I was in so much pain and remember my husband massaging my hand to make me feel better and then the doctor arrived with the results. I saw her face and I knew immediately that something was wrong. She said ” Results came back and there is a tumor on your pancreas”. The size of the tumor was 10cm in diameter which is about the size of a grapefruit. My entire world collapsed. I couldn’t believe it. I was 19 years old, too young for this and I just got married 4 months earlier.

I was in shock. I couldn’t speak. Nothing. I was freaking out inside. I looked at my loving husband and I started to cry and couldn’t stop. I remember what my husband said ” Everything will be alright and it’s in the Lords hand”. It gave me strength. My husband was making phone calls to our families because I couldn’t do it without breaking down over the phone. I was facing serious surgery.

The doctor came back and said I had to stay for a few days. I was in the hospital for seven days and I was glad that my family came up tohelp and support me.

May 18th 2009

Summerlin Hospital, Las Vegas, Nevada

It was early in the morning and we were getting ready to leave for the hospital. My mom, dad, and one of my sisters were in town and my husband drove. It was quiet in the car, too quiet. My nerves were getting the best of me. I didn’t know what to expect. If I was going to wake up after the surgery or if the surgeons can help me. We arrived at the hospital, completed the registration and I was in my bed getting prepared for surgery. Was I nervous! I still remember how the operating room looked like. My doctor asked me to count to ten; I don’t think I made it to five.

I did not feel the time passing and it seemed I was out for only a few minutes. I remember waking up and I felt like someone hit me with a freight train. Everything hurt. I was confused and didn’t recognize anyone. I did not see my husband and I was freaking out. Then my dad and husband appeared in the recovery room and I was so relieved to see them. They were crying and I didn’t know why. Probably because it was finally over and the surgeons removed the tumor. I’m ready to recover. As my father gave me a kiss, tears were streaming down his cheeks in little streams. He seemed to be apologizing as he whispered to me it was not over, yet. I was so confused. I fell back to sleep because of the medication, and later Iwoke up in my room with my family with me. It was great to see everyone.


I stayed in the hospital for ten days. I was not allowed to eat or drink for the first five days. It was horrible. I had tubes all over the my body. Two in my abdomen were draining the fluids and the one down my nose for draining my cyst. I didn’t not like that one. As my family gathered around me, I asked them what is next. I remembered that my father told me that it was not over, yet.

My husband explained to me that the surgeon found a malignant tumor embedded in my pancreas under the cyst. He decided not to proceed further as he had never seen anything like that before and he referred me to the UCLA Medical Center’s “Whipple Team” for a second surgery. I was thinking one more surgery. I didn’t take to that news too well. I was very upset and frustrated: I thought I was done with medical procedures. But I also knew I couldn’t give up.

The fifth day came around and the doctor removed the tube from my nose and I was allowed to drink. The first thing I drank was Kaqun Water. It was amazing. Loved every minute of it. Refreshing. That was a start to recovery for me and my whole family.

Prayer, Drinking Kaqun water and Kaqun Baths

I traveled to Hungary for two weeks to take Kaqun baths and drink Kaqun water. It was such a great experience. For two weeks I was taking Kaqun baths three times a day and my body began to get stronger. I was healing from the inside out. I did not take chemo therapy for my cancer. I opted for all natural healing: taking Kaqun baths, drinking Kaqun water and eating healthy.

After I came back from Hungary I had a CT scan done in Las Vegas. I could not believe the results. My tumor shrank to 2.5 cm. I remember it was 10 cm to start with. My doctor couldn’t believe it. My prayer was answered. At that point, I made a promise that the Kaqun treatment and its potential will be shared with the world for the good of mankind. Still, one step remained: I had to go to UCLA for my second surgery to remove the tumor from my pancreas.

Oct 2009

UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

I woke up from my surgery and the feeling of relief was overwhelming. After ten hours of major surgery, I was finally done and with the Lord’s help, drinking Kaqun water. I was not the weak 19-year-old girl in Las Vegas who just found she had cancer. I knew I could finally close this chapter in my life.

I remember the first night on the day of my surgery: I was sitting up on my bed and my family could not believe it. I was in pain but my body felt strong. I was out of the hospital for seven days. My journey to recovery was much easier than the first time. I also knew I was free of cancer.

I went back to UCLA with my husband for a check-up and had an MRI done to make sure everything was alright. The results showed I was clear. I want to Thank God first for healing me and giving me the strength. I want to thank my whole family for being there by my side and supporting me. Thank everyone for the prayers and love. I’m happy to say that I have been clear from cancer for five years.

As my story is concluding, it is time to reveal that I made good on my promise. I am sharing the Kaqun treatment with my family, my friends and the world. I am the contact person and spokeswoman for the European Kaqun Systems in the U. S. I hope the story I shared with you today helps you and gives you hope. If you are going through cancer or illness or if you know someone who does, I really hope this story will encourage you.


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