The term “influencer” will die, giving way to “creator”.

Facebook is betting on becoming the dominant eCommerce platform– not because they beat Amazon or Shopify at their own game, but because they will control the entire environment of how humans interact with the world.

But would you trust Facebook to be on your face?

Seems like are living up to their old name– identifying faces, modeling faces, and monetizing faces.

Meta is not the Alphabet of data-sucking ecosystems. Zuck designed it to be fully integrated as a platform of platforms– not like Google, which has disconnected efforts in health, self-driving, space, and whatnot.

The technology that Meta revealed today was fascinating– delivered with flawless PR spin by the mechanical Zuckbot.
While the AI is trying to appear as human and personable as possible, just like today’s scripted, cinematographic wonder….

Something feels slightly off, like a beautiful plant made of plastic.

I think it’s that Zuck wants us to give him full control of our identity– necessary to move about the Metaverse, “jump into” apps, buy things, and connect with loved ones.

The impersonal, reclusive billionaire wishes to build our future “together” in the most intimate way- to collect your voice, movements, and the most minute facial expressions and feed his machine.

Certainly, Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon, and other companies have alternate visions– perhaps with more trust and smarter technology.

Would you give up your iPhone for a Quest or camera-equipped Ray Bans? Apple won’t risk that bet, so I anticipate their glasses to be released next year.

Ultimately, whoever has the most data wins. So TikTok has the stickiest app (longest session time of any app), which makes their algorithm the smartest– currently beyond the understanding of regulators who fret about Facebook’s newsfeed algo.

Will Facebook’s version of the metaverse (the commercialized version of Snow Crash) displace all the other attention-sucking apps or be the walled garden that controls them all?

Do you trust the utopia that the benevolent Zuckbot is promising?