Why your marketing doesn’t work

If your marketing efforts aren’t working, check to see if the people working on your marketing believe in what you do.
You’ll find most of them believe they are exempt for various invalid reasons:

– too busy
– not necessary for their job role
– only the figurehead needs to actually believe in the product/service
– I’m not being paid enough to do this

If your own people (including your agency) doesn’t believe in what you do, they will also lack the depth of knowledge to create powerful, authentic content.

They could certainly check the box to produce 5 tweets and 3 blog posts a week– (ta da, I’m done– now pay me!). But it won’t be effective, for reasons they don’t understand.

They will resist wearing “25 pieces of flair” as a ridiculous rule the annoying manager in Office Space mandates.
The power of using your actual customers as your marketing vehicle will help you avoid the pain, frustration, and waste of ineffective marketing.

Are you examining whether those people who do your marketing believe in what you do?

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