Why Gaurav Sawant didn’t accept your LinkedIn connection request

So good that I shared it here.

Go follow him on LinkedIn.

???? ???????? ???????????????????? ????

Sorry if I didn’t accept your connection request.

Following are the reasons I might not have accepted your request:

1. Your ???????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ????????????????????????????????????:
Even with basic things like a good professional profile picture, informative bio, and some activity on your account.

2. You are not giving me a valid reason in DM (???????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????) to accept your request.

3. You are ???????????? ???????????????????????????????? to my domain (Digital Marketing, Marketing)

4. If you are a ???????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????. We might not have met or come across for any professional work (this is not Instagram).

5. We don’t have any ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? from the domain/ industry.

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