Please, please do not mass-tag me in your post

I get why you’re doing this– tapping a lot of people on the shoulder, hoping to get their attention.

But it not only doesn’t work– it backfires.

The people who get tagged are annoyed.

And the few people who see the post notice you’re spamming a lot of people.

You have some great content– why use a well-known spammy tactic?

If you tag people in the post itself, LinkedIn’s algorithm will notice you’re trying to spam and will limit your post’s reach. This post above got only a handful of views and 2 likes. So if your goal is to reach people, don’t mass-tag.

Better to tag people in a comment– thoughtfully choosing just one person who is actually relevant to your post.

When you see people spamming like this, let them know. Often, they believe that they’re just harmlessly letting many people know about their post, instead of exposing themselves as a spammer.

Give them this article so they can learn how to do it right.

Here’s someone who is promoting a course on digital marketing, who spammed (mass tagged) a bunch of us on LinkedIn:

I absolutely would like to support this person is getting their course out on digital marketing.

But we don’t want people to think that spamming is something we promote. We want to earn the right to people’s attention, not by bombarding other people. Create content so amazing that people can’t help but share it.

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