SEO for hypnotherapists

Most hypnotherapists get SEO wrong because they think it’s some technical tactical thing related to tools and search engines and programming. That is absolutely not true. The way that you get more patients through Google is you look at the most common searches that Google has around hypnotherapy. For smoking.

Hypnotherapy for phobia. Hypnotherapy for fear of flying. Hypnos. Therapy for PTSD. And when you make these one-minute videos that sends a signal to Google because. You take these one-minute videos and you post them to Facebook. You take these one-minute videos that you post them to Twitter. You take these one-minute videos and transcribed them through various tools,,, and Descript.

Dot com. And it automatically. Is becoming an article. I spoke this article actually on video. And now we turned it into a WordPress blog post, which I can then use and link to my other friends that are hypnotherapists and other countries, because when they make videos on the same topic, And we’re not in the same city, then it’s telling Google the signal that we are friends and we are.

Here is my friend, Eugena Popa, making hypnosis simple.

Eugen Popa on 5 secrets for hypnosis.

We’re both hypnotherapists, right? Or we are both digital marketing agencies. So maybe I would link to my friend Dylan’s model who serves therapists by doing digital marketing and that my friend demystifies SEO, SEO is about making content. Cody is on multiple different sites and channels, which is what we call repurposing.

Then driving traffic to that. Via a dollar a day, the technique that will help the search engines, see what you’re doing and help people see this so that you’re going to show up better. And the Google search results. Very easy to measure the power of SEO. You do not need to hire anyone to do SEO. My name is Dennis Yu.

And Eugen Papa is one of my friends and I hope that you’ll reach out to him. And I’m so glad to be a part of his conference.

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