Dr. Philip Ovadia exposes the truth about heart disease

Dr. Philip Ovadia just eats meat. He avoids carbs and sugar.

Dr Philip Ovadia stopped by the Coach Yu Show to talk about metabolic health. He is the creator of the Five Steps in the metabolic health test. I had no idea that LDL cholesterol was not the cause of heart disease. He wrote a book called Stay Off My Operating Table. (He’s a heart surgeon.)

And he completely blows the doors off of conventional medicine. He talks about how there is a big conspiracy in the food industry to get you to be unhealthy. And he talks about the heart of the American Heart Association.

This is a fantastic book. And I encourage all of you guys to read it.

Want to get an idea of how your metabolic health ranks? Dr. Ovadia created a Metabolic Syndrome Calculator. In about a minute you can gauge your health. Pretty nifty.

He’s also available to help guide you to better heart health.

I’ve been watching what I eat, too.

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