7 Things You May Not Know About Dr. Kim Grimes

Dr. Kim Grimes is a dynamic speaker, an influential leader, a certified life coach, and a professional consultant with over 30 years of leadership, training and communication experience.

1. You may not know it, but Kim was just 24 when she was left a widow after a hunting accident. She transformed tragedy into transformation and growth.

2. She’s a published author. Check out her best seller: Unbreakable Spirit: Rising Above the Impossible.

3. She is also the founder and Executive Director of Life Abundant Enrichment Center (LAEC), in Newport News, Virginia. LAEC provides adult day care for adults with impairments and elderly folks in her community.

4. She is the President of Living Abundantly Youth Vision (LAYV), a faith-based organization, exclusively for teens and young adults who want to live a life of integrity, walk in their greatness and stand in their brilliance, in the community of Newport News, Virginia.

Dr. Grimes is a 2019 Women Worth Watching Award Winner for her efforts with LAYV.

5. She is the Executive Director of the Million Women Mentors Entrepreneurship Initiative (MWM-Ei) Mentor Program, now in its 3rd year. Check out Wells Fargo’s LinkedIn post. Million Women Mentors connect local communities and girl-serving institutions to state leaders, corporations, and a national movement to build momentum and drive local efforts. It is a national and global movement with local roots.

6. You Are YOU, Unapologetically, is a podcast and a safe space that initiates influential conversations about being you, because You are You! Kim encourages you to be you, unapologetically, since no one is better at being you than you!

7. She does all that AND she finds time to help folks identify their fears, overcome setbacks, achieve goals, and live their dreams. Start coaching with Dr. Kim R. Grimes.

How Dr. Kim Grimes’ leadership and coaching have impacted the few and the many:
“I believe when I ask God for something, he delivers, and that’s what he did when he sent me Dr. Kim.”

Rosalind Wesley
“She has always pushed me and motivated me to not only do better, and be better, but to also accept that failure is a part of life. When you fail, you gotta keep moving and keep moving forward.”

Lateef Manigault
“Without Mrs. Kim, us teens would have no voice. She kind of helps look out for us and says stuff we seem to not be able to say.”

Erika Kempton
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