The Content Engine – A Standardized Process

You could blame your people for being incompetent, but 99% of the time, it’s bad management and bad process.

You could swear up and down you have a process, but if it’s not written down, it doesn’t count.

You could say you’re too busy to write things down– which is like saying you can’t do the time management course because you don’t have time.

No process means YOU are having to micro-manage the details of your business instead of the process.

It means you can’t hire up others into your business, no matter how smart or hard-working they are.

Behold…. the result of years of my effort in producing, processing, posting, and promoting content for thousands of professional service businesses…

The CONTENT ENGINE is not a 1,150-page guide because we’re trying to inflate words— like a high school senior trying to stretch an essay to 5 pages.

The Content Engine

Every mistake we’ve made and every technique that works gets assimilated into this process– like a deposit into a bank account that generates compound interest.

If you have a solid services business but are struggling to get your content out at scale, this might be for you.

Should I release all this training for free?

My mission is to create a million jobs, so I’d sacrifice course revenue in exchange for people using our process to hire up others, whether directly or having us hire for them.

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