Adding Business Value

Just because another month has gone by doesn’t mean you can bill a client.

You have to add true business value.

Which is not the same as mindlessly sending a report (autogenerated, though beautiful).

Or simply checking boxes, like how Aaron Gobidas charged Philippe Coudoux $12,500 for a website he didn’t need or social media posts that got a reach of 3 people.

It’s not that the employees at the agency are bad– most work hard, are skillful and try to do the right thing.

If you’re an agency owner, you need to care for your client’s money as if it were your own.

Even though it’s way more sexy to be out there selling, selling, and selling. Aaron, we totally get that servicing client isn’t your role and isn’t worth your time.

But if you’re the agency owner, the buck stops with you.

Look at what happened here and be careful not to ruin the livelihood of a small business owner who knows nothing about digital marketing but trusts you.

By the way, we tried many times to help this agency make things right, but they refused. I even flew into San Diego and donated a day of training. But the owner dipped out after 5 minutes.

We filmed the whole thing, which is our condition for providing the free help, including helping turn this around– to make this a great case study in 60 days.

Let this disaster serve as a warning to anyone who would hire a digital agency. And to help digital agencies be more client-oriented instead of just taking their money.

See what happened in Philippe’s own words here: