The Key To Powerful Marketing Is To Teach

Someone once asked me why would you ever tell clients how you do things.


This was my response…

Yes, this is the whole key to powerful marketing– to transparently teach what you do, which impresses clients and causes them even MORE, to want to work with us.

Every client I’ve ever had in my career has been from this strategy– and every client has come to me— inbound, not me ever asking for the sale.

Imagine what happens when you understand this one incredible concept.

Think of how much waste is from cold-calling, trying to re-explain each time what you do, clients being confused about what you do or don’t do, and so forth.

Once you absorb this concept, move to the LIGHTHOUSE model, which is to openly teach from a well-respected example.

For example, I’m a LIGHTHOUSE in digital marketing, or our latest client is a well-known personal injury attorney, respected among personal injury attorneys.

Then sales become easy– but more importantly, you can deliver solidly.

Since you don’t have a clear process, clients like me have no idea what you do, so they have all sorts of expectations of what “editing a podcast” means.

And though you might think a one-pager checklist or a few sentences is enough (and you should still have a one-pager), you’ll discover grief later.

New agencies are afraid to teach what they know for many reasons:

+ We don’t want competitors to see how we do things.

+ Clients may want to do it themselves.

+ They believe clients don’t need to know or care about this.

But then that’s why these agencies struggle so hard with generating clients consistently and can’t scale.

People have no idea who you are, and you don’t have any authority.

This could be a huge breakthrough realization for you.

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