The Hammer’s Pet Dog “Honey”

If you want a friend at any place, get a dog for comfort!

These friendly canines make for great lifetime buddies. The bond that you create with them is as lasting as this earth will ever be. 

Even Darryl “The Hammer” Isaacs agrees!

The Joys of Having “Honey”

The Hammer’s pet dog was Honey.

While all of the Isaacs’s dogs have been a special part of the family, one dog truly captured Darryl’s heart like no otherHoney Isaacs, a dog for comfort, was a Labrador mix adopted from the Humane Society.

Honey had been a great addition to the Isaacs family. Long walks in the park and a trip to the Doggy Daycare, she had been an integral part of the tight-knit group.

With her adventurous spirit, always lounging in the sunbeams and bringing joy to the neighborhood, she brought plenty of love and hope that shone brightly in the Isaacs. 

Honey’s story was a representation of so many dogs in the Humane Society, abandoned, with no shelter and little food. Even so, she had plenty of vibrant energy.

She loved being around people, especially children. But more than anything, she loved spending time at home with the Isaacs. 

She was a close friend, a loving companion, and a family dog who left lasting paw prints in their hearts.

Leaving Lasting Paw Prints

The Hammer's Pet Dog "Honey"
Hammer’s Pet Dog

Honey has given Darryl and the family her absolute all. In return, they too, have given their most genuine love and adoration for their four-legged kin.

Sadly, her paw prints are now in heaven, getting much-deserved snuggles and belly rubs from angels.

Still, the Isaacs continue to celebrate Honey for her love of attention and her ability to befriend every dog and human at the park. They paid tribute to their beloved jet-black Lab for “Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.”

Remembering “Honey” for Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Encourage Others and Adopt

Our furry buddies are there for the good and the bad times. They’re immensely loyal and endearingly affectionate. And with their boundless judgment-free cuddles, we can be our most authentic selves.  

A short time ago, adoption was nothing but a rarity. But thanks to continued animal welfare support, neglected pets are finding homes and gaining access to veterinary care. 

Setting the stage for others to follow, Darryl Isaacs and his family bask in the warmth and comforting memories brought by Honey, their dog for comfort, inspiring and encouraging everyone to adopt a companion animal.