Secret Tips on Time Management: How I Crush My Daily Workload

I woke up exhausted this morning, as you can see from my low recovery and 41 HRV.

secret tips on time management

531 messages to reply to— people urgently wanting my involvement in their matter or a situation that needs rescue.

Imagine how it feels to wake up to this each day.

Yet I manage to crush this workload every day.

Here’s are my secret tips on time management….

Nearly every task takes 3 minutes.

Reply thoughtfully to a client, make that decision, write that blog post, talk to a struggling team member, or whatever.

It’s the postponing of work that actually eats up your time.

I see people drag on for weeks stuff that would take 3 minutes to do.

They engage in busywork to avoid the one thing that’s nagging them.

Could be writing that proposal, talking to an unhappy client they’ve ignored, or optimizing that PPC campaign.

When they do start, they take a whole day or many days to do it, since they are grooving to that killer song on their Spotify playlist rather than having 100% focus on the task.

Being behind leads to a feeling of hopelessness and low energy.

And then the excuses come.

I even catch myself sometimes wanting to claim I have too many projects, not enough time, a mean boss, lazy colleagues, or eharber.

All to avoid the simple task at hand.

The beauty of checklists is that we know exactly how long it should take to complete a task.

Since we’ve done it repeatedly ourselves.

Hence I can manage what others believe to be an insane workload.

I also keep my energy levels high with proper supplements, sleep aids (mask, earplugs, 68-degree dark room, mouth tape), oxygen baths, etc..

Right now I’m on a plane to Dubai, but I’m just as productive on a plane, in an Uber, or at home.

Since I sit down and just grind.

That’s my secret— I diligently put in the time.

And somehow the harder I work, the “luckier” I get.

Yes on prioritizing and delegating— 80/20, not falling for the squeaky wheel, and focusing on the highest and best use of your time.

But even with that, you still need grit to make it through the stuff you didn’t plan happening.

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