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At merely mentioning “Twitter skins” in an earlier blog post, this blog ranks #2 and #3 in Google for searches on “Twitter skins”.  And that natural search result drove 8 visitors yesterday, of which several decided to take me up on my offer of a free skin.  This is a great example of the positive feedback loop that can occur when you blog about something, see that it got some traction, and then decide to blog more about it because there is interest.  In fact, I am amazed that there are so many folks on Twitter– over a million now.  And has an Alexa rank of 624 now– it’s the 624th most popular site on the web (yes, I know these numbers are not fully accurate for various reasons, but the point stands).  There is a full on cottage industry– for yellow pages, for PPC (you can have ads for one in every N tweets)– plus a host of monitoring services.  Seems that many of us are essentially unpaid volunteers to grow Twitter’s user base and market valuation.

But back to free Twitter skins– hit me up if you want one and we’ll turn them around in the order requested.  Make sure to tell me what you want for your background and include a .jpg of your headshot, assuming you want that.

Do you remember the craze with “pimp your profile” on MySpace, where teenagers (and even adults) would spend hours customizing their profile pages, however uglier they became?  I can see a cottage industry for doing the same on every social network– might as well have Twitter backgrounds, Twitter glitter (do you like that name?), and other bling-bling.  I can see a ton of folks buying domain names that have Twitter plus something in them.

And this is coming from a guy who felt Twitter was a waste of time for people who didn’t already have enough of their time wasted through instant messenger, Facebook, their blog, and a whole host of social networks.  I feel like I’m so busy keeping up with work, that I can’t get any work done.  Imagine that.

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