$250,000 salary making PPC campaigns

If you’re willing to live where Slumdog Millionaire was filmed, you can make a lot of money.

ReachLocal has 25-30 folks in Mumbai, India making PPC campaigns for their US-based customers. They need someone to manage that team.  Read the job posting here.

This also includes setting up landing pages, which are just a reverse proxy of the customer’s website. This allows ReachLocal to avoid the hassle of trying to get access to the client’s site, dealing with an incumbent webmaster, or messing with non-scalable SEO.

12 million rupees, by the way, is $250,000 a year. And in Mumbai, that’s a lot of money– as most people who do PPC professionally make $1-$2k a month– we know, as we’ve hired a few folks from the biggest firms with only limited success.

Interesting what you can learn about competitors by reading their job postings. When we bid against mega agencies such as iProspect and iCrossing, we’ll take a look at their job postings to determine how they structure their teams, what they pay people, and how their processes work.  Read carefully and you’ll be surprised by what you can learn!

Alternatively, if you want to remain in the US and work for a killer company doing PPC in the local space, contact me– yourcontentfactory.com.  We don’t offshore any of our PPC, as quality control is so important.

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