Why your Facebook fan count affects your Post Quality Score

Did you know that if you paste your Facebook fan page url into your status bar, it not only allows you to choose what thumbnail picture to include but also shows how many fans the page has?  While we don’t have concrete evidence here, I’d have to think that a page with 2,000 fans will have more credibility than one with only 20 fans– and I’ll bet that fan count is a major factor in determining whether someone clicks through to read the posting.  Anyone have data to show this to be true or not?

Oh, and if you also happen to hit “like” on your own posts, I believe that increases your Post Quality Score, too– even though some people think it may be in poor taste to like your own stuff.  The score of 20.1 is above the average we see on most pages, which is about 10.  What is yours?

Interestingly, Keith has a 71% female audience, though he is a daddy blogger.  See Insights below:

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