Hilarious Graph search combinations

Facebook can predict a lot of spooky things, like if you’re gay and like ice cream, but it’s now so much more with Graph search.

Jon Loomer recently wrote about how you can use Graph search in all kinds of useful combinations to discover what your fans like. This allows you to drill down into similar interests and find out what fans of a certain topic like, making it easy for you to discover new lateral interests for your campaigns. You can also just use it to find weird groups of people – here are a few examples from just playing around:

Female Republicans who like Satan

Males who like SpongeBob Squarepants employed by Yahoo who like other males:

The real fun comes with testing conflicting interests – Who wants a burger after the animal rights protest?

Or coming home from church and putting on some SLAYER:

Then there’s the most conflicted Baseball fans ever:

How do you use graph search?

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