Fatal snake bite on Facebook

Did you know that you can hit “promote” on your personal status updates– you as a user, as opposed to what you post on your page? Like this…

But for your $6.99 you don’t get any real stats, unlike the rich detail on impressions, actions, and conversions from promoting a post on a page (not your profile).

So I decided to post on my public figure page– it’s a page, not a profile.
And I found this juicy article about a snake-handling reality TV show preacher who died of a snake bite.

I think these folks are nuts, but that wasn’t the point.
I spent $15 boosting this post.

Yes, the guy who rails against boosting posts has been doing it quite a bit.
And talking about himself in the third person.

And here are the results:

We drove 108 clicks to that article.
And 76.9% of these were men, predominantly 25-34 years old.

Just imagine if this was to one of our sites, instead of USA Today.
And imagine if we had retargeting set up on our target site to continue the stalking– er, I mean, nurturing.

There is such convenience in being able to boost a post right there from the timeline.
I didn’t have to select a goal, since Facebook infers this from my link share.
I didn’t do any targeting except select snake handlers and glossolalia (speaking in tongues).

I think I’ve been bitten by the Facebook boost post bug.

Do you boost posts?

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