I love you all THIS much!

You know my mission is to create jobs for all of you via structured, self-paced training.
We are combining the knowledge of our industry friends to assemble these certifications.

If you have stuff you’d like to share, hit me up and we’ll promote you!

2014 is going to be an incredible year, especially for anyone doing social lead gen.

For those of us over 30 that remember the old TV jingles, raise your hand if you’re sure.

Meanwhile, you’ll be seeing less and less of me, as I go back into my cave to help build the logic that drives this system. My title is now Chief Technology Officer to reflect this.

I’ll pop out for the occasional NBA game, but it will be others that need to be the figureheads– the experts in each of their relevant areas.

This is the year that inbound marketing, social marketing, SEO, marketing automation, and PR are on a collision course. We are building the plumbing that will help you tie all your audiences and your content together.

Stay tuned!

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