Ironically, low-income targets on Twitter are the most expensive we’ve seen.

We’ve been bidding $5 a follower on low-income targets.
Who would have thought low-income would have been so expensive?
Twitter’s algorithm sometimes makes insane recommendations.
Do you believe others are bidding $9 to $13 a follower for these targets or is this eCPM suggestion at work?
What we have noticed is that when you have a low click-through rate, Twitter begins to suggest higher bids, no matter what the business objective. Sometimes we can get followers for a dime and other times it’s a few dollars.
To get around this, we will increase our audience size and increase our bids.
With Facebook, you know you can hit nearly 50% of your targeted audience in a day, so you have to limit the target size, or else eat up your budget quickly. But with Twitter, that’s not the case.
Readers, what are you observing?

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