Microsoft is not going to be SkyNet any time soon

You see their new site,
They guess at age and gender from any photos you upload.
Of course, you could integrate this with your app and any device that has a camera.

Could you imagine Minority Report coming from this any time soon?
We’re quite a ways from predicting thought crime if we can’t even get gender identification right.

Even the same person doesn’t have the same age when uploaded in another photo.

In this case, we have Alex, who is 21, with the content marketing lead at Infusionsoft, who gained a year from the previous picture:

then with theĀ Golden State Warriors Sr. Director of Digital, with another year tacked on:

Next to Amy Metcalfe (whose current age was guessed correctly, despite being 22 in the picture), Alex is halfway through his thirties:

A lot of people are talking about artificial intelligence– how machines will be embedded everywhere (the Internet of things) and soon be able to do everything. Self-driving cars, the sharing economy, and drones are hot topics.

But how far are we really from SkyNet based on the current state of technology?

Of course, this is an experimental app, as they note in their disclaimer.
So only in jest do we draw far-reaching conclusions based on it.

But as a party favor, go check it out and see how accurate (or wildly inaccurate) they are.

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