My new secret office

I flew 250,000 miles last year.
My location on Twitter is “the airport nearest you”.

So I signed up for an American Airlines Admiral’s Club membership.

$500 for one year of access to any of the Admirals Clubs worldwide, about 50 in the US and 20 internationally.
You can bring two guests with you, too.

Free food and drinks (including booze), but premium drinks and food aren’t free.
Business center with super fast wifi– I just tested the one here at LAX:

Some of the locations have showers.

I’m watching the Golden State Warriors right now while sipping on pineapple juice and doing email.

I use the Admirals Club as my office, so I’ll go there even on days I’m not flying.
The clubs are behind security, so you need to either call ahead to get a TSA pass or just buy a refundable ticket you cancel later.

I happen to be TSA Pre-Check and also have a NEXUS card (Global Entry), which speeds me through security.

So there’s no need to hurry to beat the clock to catch a flight.
I can take an Uber to get there early to work, eat some food, and relax.

If you’re flying with me or we’re meeting, holler and we can go together.

View from my seat:

If you like to network, the airport lounges have high-class clientele– business owners and executives.

Not only will the workers of the future all be contractors, but we’ll also have virtual offices, self-driving cars, and other asset-light ways of operating.

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