Southwest LOVES Me! Confessions of a mileage junkie


I rebooked a flight that costs 99 cents more and they swallowed the cost.
Of course, they love you, too– and you’d get this if the rebooked fare is close.

I’ve seen the “Southwest Fare Protection” as high as $2.70.
As far as I can tell (and from forums like FlyerTalk), Southwest doesn’t discuss this policy.

The Business Select Fare costs me twice as much as the Wanna Get Away Fare, but earns points twice as fast– 12 points per dollar instead of 6.
If you’re A-List Preferred, this $500 ticket earns you 12,000 points, which is enough to book at $200 Wanna Get Away Fare.

Think of it as a 40% rebate ($200 back on $500 spent).

And if you have Companion Pass level– the equivalent of Southwest’s Platinum (companion flies free, since no first class), then it’s better.
So what you’d do is fly the Business Select fare to earn the points and have your designated companion (business partner) travel with you.
Yes, a companion can travel with you for free (paying the $2 segment tax), even if you’re flying free.

If you’re a business traveler or have a friend that would otherwise fly with you at least some of the time, this is the best frequent flyer program.

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