7 things I learned at ESTO about social media

  • Attendees love microbrews in Portland. Why have a travel conference in Little Rock, Arkansas? ┬áJust kidding.
  • Social media has advanced to where influencers matter– and you can’t treat them like ad networks. You must cultivate content in their voice to appeal to their audience authentically.
  • Henry Hornecker is a 21-year-old up-and-coming social media star that will work for one of the NBA teams by this time next year.
  • DMO (destination marketing organizations) know they need to be on social and to connect with influencers, but they don’t know what to do, how to do it, and how to measure it. There is fuzziness around how much to pay influencers or whether to just give out free travel, hotel stays, and the like. We released a guide at yourcontentfactory.com/esto.
  • CPM is a good starting point to measure earned media value since we’re looking at traffic to the properties. However, we need a qualitative measure for relevance and perhaps to sales where quantifiable.
  • Influencers, who are content marketers with distribution, too, need to create their own material to resonate with their fan base. ┬áThe management and organization of these influencers are loose, so agencies like Instabrand and others are creating networks to enable the buying and selling of influence.
  • There is fear of “selling out” since influencers legally must disclose they are getting paid. But with strong branding, meaning influencers are picky about who they choose, fans won’t be disappointed.

Thank you, Bill Karz, VP of Digital at the LA Tourism and Convention Board, for the invite to the panel!

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