How to Use Facebook for Better Business Decisions: My Key Takeaways

  1. Treat your posting efforts as “greatest hits” content, not a steady publishing effort.

You’re trying to identify a “unicorn”, where you can go all-in from an ads standpoint like Larry Kim likes to say: “With your greatest hits, you might have posts from 2 years ago that are still driving most of your traffic and conversions.”

  1. VIDEO is where it’s at.

The average on FB is 6 seconds average watch time and 30% view throughs (from reach to view). If you can get double this, you’re doing super well. Don’t do things like intro bumpers but do use captions. If you remarket on video view audiences, choose 10-second views, not the default 3-second views.

We have “Standards of Excellence” that we use to gauge how articles, posts, and videos are doing as well as ways to achieve excellence in your creatives. #SOE

  1. 3rd party tools are great but stick to the basics

The free and amazing tools that FB gives us to analyze audiences in ads manager, audience insights, graph search, signal (journalists only), page insights, and app analytics are more than enough to get great metrics to analyze and act upon. #MAA

  1. 41% of folks who convert on mobile do so on ANOTHER device.

Facebook can trick this but Google Analytics can’t. It will count this as another session, usually as a direct/none or branded search on Google, so your FB efforts might yield a home run without you ever realizing it!

  1. SEQUENCES are key to measuring conversions as well as driving conversions.

Develop IF/THEN sequences via custom audiences of all types to measure when traffic goes from site to FB, FB to email, site to app, and every other combination. Most of your FB ROI will be from improving cross-channel engagement and conversions– not people converting right from a FB video.

  1. The dollar a day” strategy absolutely rules!

It feeds the algorithm with the strongest signal– the same thing that powers fake news but in a good way. Target journalists and industry influencers by creating workplace targets at Social Media Examiner.

Thank you, my Social Media Marketing World friends!

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