How to create a KILLER Facebook Funnel using an easy 3×3 grid

Successful product marketing requires sequencing users through a WHY, HOW, and WHAT flow.  Without this, you have random, irrelevant, interruptive, un-targeted, and wasteful marketing.


WHAT is what you’re already doing to sell– based on price, features, special dates, testimonials, and other traditional marketing.

HOW is teaching what you know– especially what you’d do if there wasn’t your product to solve it.  Teach via simple recipes of 1,2,3 in how to get something done without talking about your product. Talk about wider industry issues. Interview experts.

WHY is how we bring all together– to get attention, establish authority, and have a meaningful first touch.  Here you tell stories from the founder, users, and anyone else authoritative to your target audience. You want them to FEEL through one-minute videos, so we can align on shared values.

Then remarket viewers of your WHY to your HOW content.

And remarket from HOW to WHAT content.

This is called the 3×3 grid, since you have 3 pieces of content in each phase of WHY, HOW, and WHAT.

For more in-depth detail on the 3×3 Grid:

Use the 3×3 strategy to have an evergreen product marketing funnel that will work for you timelessly and tirelessly– no need to keep producing expiring content

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