AJ Wilcox is the world #1 at LinkedIn Ads

I’ve had the honor of working with him for the last few years to see his knowledge first-hand. You can’t go wrong by hiring him for your B2B lead gen efforts. And last time I checked, he was undercharging for his services. But don’t tell him that! We were first introduced by Mike McEuen, who is one of the world’s best in PPC, so I knew he was good. It was a few years ago, and we got to meet up when I was visiting Utah, speaking at a conference. What I didn’t know was that AJ was an avid hiker who likes to get us up at 6 am when it was still dark and cold out. And having a conversation about ads tuning at 7,000 feet, when you’re out of breath, is a real challenge.

We’ve spoken together at Social Media Marketing World, SLCSEM, AdWorld, Content Marketing Conference, and the PPC venues we’re familiar with. I saw him again recently in Italy, where he and his wife got to spend a couple of extra days in Rome and then see the Ferrari factory near the conference we were speaking at. I’m so jealous of the awesome cars he got to see! You can tell someone’s expertise by who they know. And AJ knows the key players in the PPC space, as well as at LinkedIn. I’m not being paid to write this, nor did AJ ask. He would be too humble, anyway. I was feeling inspired by how well he’s treated me, so I thought I’d share this with you

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