I get more engagement on LinkedIn than on Facebook– can you believe that?

LinkedIn is a bonanza, since it’s a big audience with little competition.
Milk this for the next few months, just like the early days of Google or Facebook.

Check out these posts and see what you can pick up for your own postings.

86,000 views and 449 likes, though I have only 1,200 connections- but the opening copy of “poetry” was strong.

A picture with Mark Zuckerberg helps.
Or how about…

6,600 views on a picture with some simple text.

Expect about 1% of people to like your posts on average:

The ones that celebrate job success and are inspirational seem to do the best, especially with important people:

Almost as good are ones where you express vulnerability:

Look at where the post gets cut off, so people are curious to click to expand more:
The LinkedIn algo is counting these clicks as engagement.

One-minute videos seem to do better than any other post:

Experiment to see what works best for you.

Some other thoughts:

  • Timing doesn’t matter much, since this isn’t Twitter (dies in 15 minutes) or Facebook (dies in 4 hours).
  • You don’t need a lot of connections– but when you post good stuff, a lot of people will want to connect with you.
  • You can’t boost these posts like you can on Facebook and Twitter– at least, not yet.
  • Try recycling content between your blog and Facebook– LinkedIn told me there’s no algo penalty for duplicate content.

You don’t need a ton of connections to get traffic– and more important, more business, from LinkedIn posts.

Hope you also discover LinkedIn as your secret lead gen weapon!