The Value Of Gratitude

I want to share with you the most powerful thing I know in business, which will take you only a couple minutes a day to do.

No, it’s not the Dollar-a-Day technique.

But first, let me give you some perspective…

The older I get, the less need I feel to take credit.

As a young hustler, I fought at every opportunity to demonstrate I was the best at everything, to win at even the dumbest of things.

I realized that I couldn’t possibly keep up my knowledge in so many areas, despite my hard work and naïveté.

Then I discovered that I only had to surround myself with the best people- that an hour of developing relationships had a higher ROI than studying.

Folks like Logan Young and Christian Calaway run our business competently, performing better Facebook ad optimization than I could by myself.

I don’t even attend client meetings anymore, except as a figurehead or to be with friends.

As a young adult, I was told the old adage about how it’s not who you know, but who knows you.

I thought that was for professional salespeople who did deals all day and had natural, extroverted charisma.

Not me at all.

I thought that public speaking was only for people who wanted to be the next Tony Robbins or sell questionable health supplements.

Then I realized that if you want to educate on a large scale, you must learn these skills, which anyone can do.

And I found the most powerful tool in business, which you can do in one minute a day….

To say THANK YOU to the good people that take care of you, do great work for you, and give you money.

You build your brand when you elevate their brand.

You cannot feel fear or weakness when you are in gratitude.

Your customers and team members cannot help but reciprocate when you do this, taking care of their own, as part of a giant THANK YOU machine.

Are you spending one minute each day saying thank you to the people you love and respect?

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