Academy Update

Hey guys– an update on the Academy.

As you guys know, we had one of our server admins go rogue– he deleted everything on our Amazon AWS, which is all our software and courses.

But fortunately, we had backups of much of it, so we’ve re-installed and rebuilt most of it, and are also reloading the content into the course framework.

That’s why we’ve been sharing the guides with you since the accompanying videos and interactive lessons/quizzes/exercises are in the Academy.

If there’s a particular asset you need right now, just message us and we’ll share the direct link instead of accessing it within the structure of the course (with lessons and topics).

We’ve backed up our recordings to several places, fortunately. The way things are going, it looks like we’ll have the Academy back by the middle of next week, but it could potentially change if we encounter bugs. And if you need any support, you know we are here and in email– and we’ve always been here.

I’m proud of our team for working so hard to get things back quickly, especially Josh Taygar Hamby and Joshua David Healey.

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