How CBO fits into ad length

For those of you still wondering how many ads to put in an ad set, how long to run them for, and how CBO fits into all this— this explanation is for you…

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QUESTION: So if you have a CBO campaign running, should set up your ad sets and ad creatives initially and not touch it?

I have more creatives that I’d like to test but am wondering if I add them to the ad sets, why would FB even show it if it’s been collecting data on the ad creatives that have been running?

Then, if you want to test new ad sets or creatives, should you create a different campaign for it?

Also, how many ad creatives would you recommend per ad set?

ANSWER: Depends on what business objective you’ve chosen, relative audience sizes, and when you exit the learning phase (if at all).

Have ONE campaign per business objective with ad sets that have similar audiences– by stage in the funnel and size.

Then see which ones exit the learning phase– which tells you where CBO will allocate the budget between ad sets. I’d have 2-5 ads per ad set, but don’t put more ads in there just because- only ones that you think could win and are significantly different from each other.

Let most ads run for a week and then decide based on #MAA (optimization process called metrics > analysis > action).

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