2020 is going to be a new start for me.

I’ve held on to old, limiting self-beliefs for too long.

I’ve felt that I wasn’t worthy of success or good things to happen, that it was okay for others to have these things, but not me.

My goals have been way too low, as I was afraid to really go for it.

I’ve been caught up in minutiae and lost track of the big picture– the squeaky wheels have gotten the grease.

I took an inventory of what I have and what I’ve done and it’s embarrassing– nobody to blame but me.

Time to really focus on the relationships and projects that really matter.

Don’t let the nonsense and failure of others drag you down unless you want to be just like them.

My wish for 2020 is that you have all the things your heart desires since there’s more than enough for everyone.

Let’s do this thing!

#personaldevelopment #longtermplanning

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