99% of the time…

When you think the issue is you have too much work— actually, the problem is a lack of understanding.

Clarity drives action.

Not understanding creates confusion, paralysis, weak action, lack of results, and the “piling up” of stuff that causes people to say they’ve been overwhelmed.

In the last 30 years of coaching young adults, I’ve learned that when they say they’re overloaded… first look at their output and impact.

If they’re kicking serious butt and getting tons of stuff done, but still not keeping up– that’s a workload/priority thing.

But in 99% of other cases, it’s a lack of understanding, so the answer is training, which few do– ironically because they’re so “busy” and feeling overloaded.

Make training a priority– lest you say you are too busy to take the time management courses, lol.

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