A 19-year-old new entrepreneur confidently told me that college is a scam.

3 months later, he’s working as a waiter, unable to pay rent.

His shiny new social media marketing agency couldn’t generate clients– he had no systems or processes, nor the network.

Just his ambition and plenty of motivational speaker hubris.

Had he gone to college or had smart mentors, he could have built an understanding of finance, operations, and marketing.

And picked out key professors who have real-world experience, and introductions to people who have done what he wanted to do.

So is college a scam?

Arguing either side is pointless since the problem is the DISCONNECT between high school and the workforce.

Post-secondary education (beyond high school in the US or equivalency abroad) cannot replace good parenting, teaching mindset, or providing training programs with employers.

So we need a combination of all these groups (schools, students, workers, and the government) to create a clear path for certifications earned through on-the-job learning.

Dennis Yu

They should get training and employment at the same time via a unified certification program– except for the rare entrepreneur (who always finds a way to succeed anyway).

Time to lead, follow, or get out of the way!

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