Back-up plans.

Yesterday a hacker tried deleting all my stuff– and he succeeded.

20 years of code, articles, videos, and other content– my life’s work.

A huge loss– and I feel the sorrow, pain, and anger.

But then our processes and backup systems kicked into gear.

The stuff on my phone is automatically backed up to Google, Amazon, Dropbox, and iCloud– so we have all that content.

While the hacker wiped out our Amazon AWS (including databases and backups), we had another backup in place to be able to restore that this guy didn’t know about.

Two team members, who helped me start the company 12 years ago, jumped into action to lock everything down– closing backdoors, fake accounts, and other traps this guy set up.

Having solid systems and processes is better than insurance. Insurance pays you money when someone or something dies– but doesn’t bring back the original.

How strong are your processes and people to recover when there’s a disaster?

What would happen if a hacker got access to your website, your profile, your ad accounts, your project management system, and everything else?

And would you like to copy our processes, so you don’t have to try to build your own?

Is that worth $500 to you? Message me and I’ll give you ours plus help you tune the bits you need.

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