Checklist transparency.

Today a client accused us of using “fake” testimonials and talked down to us like we are idiots.

We are strong believers in practicing what we preach– that our own people should be customers of our products and services.

So when I personally filmed their employees and ours talking about their experiences with this company– I’m a big believer in their vision, that’s not fake.

Fake is when you use stock art or hire actors– not authentic.

It’s a new director of marketing trying to show who’s the boss, though the CEO and I have been friends for years.

He challenged us to what our “secret sauce” is– to which we said that we have only years of proven experience successfully driving sales with a detailed process.

We’re 100% okay with him proposing something else– but then it’s up to him to demonstrate he has an alternate detailed plan that he’s personally implemented in digital marketing to drive leads, repeatedly, endorsed by the major players in digital.

Instead of fighting his ego battle (that’s what employees do, generating politics, where they can hide), make things super transparent.

Show your checklists of specific things we do and still need to do.

Overcome politics (the withholding of info) with checklist transparency.

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