Don’t sacrifice yourself.

I accepted a connection request from some guy– we’ll call him “Jay”– just now.

The next message from him– please watch this podcast episode of mine so you can learn.

“Okay, thanks”, I said.

“Do know Larry Kim,” he said.

And I replied that I did.

“Well let’s hop on a call where we can get to know each other,” said Jay.

This is where I ask them to fill out a Strategy Assessment, so we know their goal and to qualify them. He says he has no money but would like me to send clients his way and to make an introduction to Larry Kim.

I told him “Thank you”, which is a polite way of saying “Heck no”.

When you get folks like this reaching out to you, you may feel obligated to “hop on a call” with them– because they might be a big deal, or because it would seem impolite to not immediately say yes.

But know that the hallmark of successful people is that they politely decline most meetings, so they can focus on what’s important with the people who are working towards those same goals.

Don’t sacrifice your goal or distract your efforts out of guilt from random strangers hitting you up.

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