Earning vs. Learning

In my first real job, I took home $1,123 every 2 weeks.

I worked 70 hours a week, which works out to $8.02/hour.

Factor in the commute time, gas, dry cleaning (suit and tie every day), and other expenses and I’m down to $6/hour.

I oversaw people who made $250/hour, fully billable, which was $500,000 a year per person– if you remember the US Web/CKS agency.

The Bain and McKinsey folks were at $800/hour, plus got incredible perks.

Man, was I pissed about how these wet-behind-the-ears consultants were making 4,000% more than me.

What took me 40 hours of toil to earn, they made in ONE HOUR.

And I was their boss!

But my mentor told me to focus on my learning curve, not my earning curve– since over time, I’ll be further ahead than if I was job-hopping every year.

And he was right.

I’d not trade the relationships and experience I gained 22 years ago at American Airlines, which led me to Yahoo!, Facebook, and now Kaqun.

Are you focusing on your earning curve or your learning curve?

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