For those of you who think you’ll make a killing with passive income projects, I have a sobering news for you.

That online course, software idea, or get-rich scheme you’re excited about…

If you can’t convince one person to give you the money— in person or on the phone— what makes you think that thousands of people coming to your web page will buy?

Show you can make just one sale— to get clarity on your message, audience, and pain point.

And when you’ve some enough testing to find what works, then scale it.

It would be arrogant to think that your very first attempt at marketing would be the winner, any more than your first practice makes you a pro.

The reason why most entrepreneurs fail is that they don’t realize how much testing and refining it takes to get things right.

They see the $$$$ supposedly made by others boasting online (it’s rarely what it appears to be), thinking they are “just one campaign away”.

Do you want “LinkedIn secrets” or “Facebook secrets” or whatever shortcut?

Then instead of gaining expertise through direct experience selling to live humans, give your money to the get-rich-quick peddlers, buy a lottery ticket, and hope…

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