Know how to instantly tell an expert from an amateur?

The expert spends 90% of their time practicing the fundamentals and only 10% of their time doing “pro” stuff.

The amateur spends 90% of their time trying to do the “pro” stuff while ignoring the fundamentals.

++ The amateur marketer chases tricks and hacks.

++ The amateur golfer wants to hit from the black tees.

++ The amateur health nut focuses on fad diets and pills.

++ The amateur author/speaker/coach dreams of speaking on the big stage, instead of quietly honing their craft.

Are you focusing on merely how you look or on truly improving who are you?

++ A true expert has massive depth– like an iceberg with 90% below the water, unseen.

++ true expert publishes because they are compelled to serve and share, with publicity as a necessary evil.

++ A true expert has a loyal following with demonstrated proof of their published how-to process.

The fundamentals of digital marketing are getting your GCT (goals, content, targeting) right.

Yet whenever we teach the fundamentals, people say their minds are blown, largely because these are pieces they’ve been missing all along.

The real value does not come from the latest “expert secrets”, but rather with the execution of time-tested fundamentals.

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