I used to be a real smartass.

Thought I knew better than anyone else— proclaiming my opinion to others, without experience or facts to back it up.

I was on a righteous crusade to prove how smart I was, creating a lot of damage along the way.

And then I discovered two things.

People make decisions with their hearts first, not their minds.

And if I wanted to tell someone how to do something, I better have documented proof, step-by-step of how to do it, from my own experience.

Thus, the concept of hashtag#LDT for Learn, Do, Teach, was born.

So many people want to teach before they have learned that very thing or have even done it successfully, repeatedly.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect is stronger than ever, especially among self-proclaimed experts like me.

Principles by Ray Dalio is the best way to understand this concept to navigate around your hidden biases- getting at fact, not opinion, starting with listening to who is believable.

Open your eyes and get the book, Principles. And study what this man has to say— it will change your life.

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