Look at yourself, not myself.

Want to “put me in my place”, prove me wrong publicly, shame me, or exact revenge against me?

Here’s exactly what to do…

Get a client and implement your digital marketing services. If you’re good, you’ll get three at $10,000 a month each within 2 weeks.

There’s so little competition– not just at the top, but in all sectors and all countries.

Make them so happy through your execution that they continue to pay you, month after month.

Start hiring more people, building your agency, and scaling your reputation.

Quickly, you’ll make a name for yourself among the top folks in the industry, speak at the top conferences, have topics that you’re known for, and have long-term relationships.

It’s so easy to criticize something you’ve not done before- looks so easy until you actually try it.

Had I listened to mentors 30 years ago– it would have saved me from massive pain and needlessly broken relationships.

“Beat” me by being more successful, since hating on me is YOU drinking poison, but hoping that I die.

Plus, it doesn’t put money in your pocket.

Eventually, you realize how small the world is, you are no longer threatened by competence, and you eliminate your scarcity mindset.

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