Look deeper.

I witnessed a con man attempt to steal my friend’s business.

He was going around claiming that he owns the business, has signed contracts, that everyone else but him is lying, and that he’s got hundreds of millions in capital ready to deploy.

All false, as we all found out yesterday.

But he was able to get a couple of people to invest, for which he pocketed the money.

The larger lesson for you and me is this…

Regardless of what someone says, examine their true motive.

Usually, it’s money— that they will say anything to get your money. Then spend it to keep up appearances, as they get more money.

Growing a small business is hard work. So much easier to be a parasite, and there are so many of them.

Look at their relationships- how deep are they and how far back do they go? If not at least several years, then proceed with extreme caution.

Look at their track record— not what they said they did, but what is publicly verifiable via people you’ve known for years.

The people who can’t hold down jobs are the ones trying hard to get your money. The folks doing well aren’t looking.

So don’t be too eager to hire- be super picky among the disproportionate number of folks who aren’t performing, no matter the reason they give.

Hint- they blame everyone but themselves.

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