Most of my employees work 7,500 miles away from me.

They live in the Philippines, which has a cost advantage, but more importantly, they are super loyal (unlike the US) and work when we sleep (so work is ready when I wake up).

But managing remote employees is challenging.

My friend, John Jonas, is the founder of, where a million Filipino workers are (including all our VAs), and has one CRITICAL, non-negotiable rule.

I wish I knew about this when I started since it would have saved me years of pain and dead ends.

Here it is… The Daily Email: NOT OPTIONAL

Working remotely presents obvious challenges.

You aren’t just a few desks apart; you’re on opposite sides of the globe.

The best way to protect against communication disasters is through a daily email.

Ask your Filipino worker to send you an email every day that answers these three questions:

• What did you do today?

• What problems did you run into?

• What help can I give you?

Oh, and you’re welcome– so go follow John to learn more.

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