My income got smashed to pieces over the last month.

You read that right— we made a whopping $6.50 in the last 24 hours selling courses. Enough to buy 2 Whoppers at Burger King.

Who are all these people posting photoshopped screenshots of their 7 figure online incomes and luxury living?

Does it feel like the world is bifurcated into common people in pain, and the 1% sitting high in their castles eating caviar?

100% my fault that our training business is making no money– I put all of our courses out there for free, no strings.

Because this is the time to help others in crisis– and I know things will come back around eventually.

I also believe that when we train and certify a million digital marketers, they’ll be able to help local businesses.

PPP or stimulus money won’t solve this economic disaster.

The way clients and businesses connect and transact has permanently and fundamentally altered.

The ones who use this time to train and build their digital presence will emerge from this crisis stronger, and the rest will be out of business and unemployed.

You’re going to see an Uber-like marketplace of qualified digital marketers providing services– watch for it.

Businesses don’t want training, they want it done.

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