My process of elimination

When I applied for my first job, I had the crushing realization that I wasn’t really good at anything in particular.

So I crammed my resume with tons of small accomplishments and skills to fluff it up.

Everyone else seemed to be so focused and successful– as doctors, attorneys, pro athletes, and the like.

I felt like a loser.

My mentor told me that I was an entrepreneur — my skill was being resourceful, not mastering one thing (like accounting).

And so I left the comfortable corporate world of being an employee to start my own business.

As a business owner, I’ve learned that I have to be decently good at many things, not just one.

You need to learn all business functions– sales, marketing, finance, operations, legal, and so forth— plus go super deep in your niche.

And then apply that ruthlessly against that one niche, you want to dominate.

So if you can’t figure out a resume– which is designed to impress someone else– consider impressing yourself first.

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